By | May 9, 2022

Premiere: Dead Waves Shares New Single “Innermost”

New EP Abandoned Children Coming May 27th

May 09, 2022

Photography by Jeremy Balderson

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New York-based experiemental rock duo Dead Waves are back later this month with a new EP entitled, Abandoned Children. The EP is the band’s first new work since their 2018 album, God of the Wild, and sees the band departing further from their noise rock roots. Instead, Nick and Teddy Panopoulos find fragile intensity in haunting psych and folk arrangements, creating raw strange, and soulful meditations on the titular “abandoned children.”

As Teddy explains, “It’s about feeling empathy for all the abandoned children who feel hopeless in our present day reality. Even if they aren’t abandoned physically, just being abandoned mentally in one way or another, through shitty parents, upbringings, depressing school systems, or a society that doesn’t really care about them, or questioning their true selves and feeling isolated and less than what they are.”

The full EP is out on May 27th, but ahead of the release Dead Waves have shared a new single from the record, “Innermost,” premiering with Under the Radar.

“Innermost” ripples with a quiet sense of foreboding and aggression. Though the instrumental is measured and subdued, it nonetheless sports an intricately crafted intensity, one borne from the dense haze of guitars and ethereal vocals. Dead Waves captures an indelible element of primal fear, perfectly balancing hypnotic fractured beauty and raw simmering menace.

Check out the single below. Abandoned Children is out May 27th.

Abandoned Children by Dead Waves